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PVC Conveyor Belts

PVC Conveyor belts are widely used in many industries. In addition to their low cost, these belts can operate at significant loads, they are resistant to fats and acids, can be approved for contact with food. PVC belts can have a textured work surface, can be with profiles and corrugated side walls. Technological development and market requirements lead to the emergence of belts with special characteristics: low coefficient of friction, belts of biodegradable materials and more.

PU Conveyor Belts

Polyurethane conveyor belts have higher thermal and chemical resistance than PVC belts. These belts have good wear resistance and can be used on shafts with a small diameter. Due to the excellent set of properties and compliance with FDA and HACCP requirements, polyurethane belts are widely used in the Food industry. The different types of the work surface provide additional features: easy cleaning of the belt, good grip of the products or giving a special model of the belt, etc.

Special Conveyor Belts

In addition to various types of coatings and belt material (polyolefin, polyester, silicone, and others), we offer many special developments: products that are UV resistant, for hot products, silent, wear-resistant, belts and timing belts meeting ATEX and other requirements. Many types of belts have been developed because of joint research by equipment manufacturers and end users. To solve certain technological problems related to the transport of products and their processing, the belts must have special properties, such as free passage of air or small particles through the surface of the conveyor belt. For example, the production of wood-fiber boards and medium-density wood particles involves the use of ventilation strips that have a smooth surface, flexibility and provide rapid cooling.

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